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How To Choose A Bookcase

Choosing a bookcase can be a challenging task because of the many varieties of choices. A bookcase, as the name says, is a place where we store our books. However, they can be much more. You can organize a variety of home items on a bookshelf.

Choosing a design and the size depends on the size of your room. So how do you choose a bookcase?

Choose the right construction material

There are so many materials to choose from. However, wood and metal do well in a room. Plywood is perfect, and they are also cost-effective.

Double-check the dimensions

Bookcases come in different sizes and dimensions. You must choose the one that fits your home. Measure your room if it is necessary and take account of the height of the ceiling. If you are planning to place it in between two windows, measure the space accurately. Use the measurements and make a wise choice.

Do you need adjustable shelves?

An adjustable bookcase can fit a variety of different items in your home. It is a must-have for almost anyone.

Tylko offers a variety of types of bookcases. The company customizes the kind of bookcases according to your preference: https://tylko.com/shelves/bookcase/. The first decision you want to make when seeking a bookcase is the type of design used. Below are a few designs from Tylko you can choose from.


Standard bookcases are large pieces of furniture with supporting walls and a backing wall. They come in a rectangular shape and are very tall. Traditional bookcases are made of wood, but you can find them in every material.

Cube bookcases

As the name implies, this bookcase design has cubic spaces to store your books or any other interior design item of your choice. The cubes are either square or a few rectangles.

Corner bookcases

Care meant to stand in corners. This type of bookcase is perfect as it conserves space. Whether your room is small or big, this type of bookcase is a must-have in your home.

You can place delicate pieces of art besides your books.


Wood bookcases are by far the most common type in the market today. This type of bookcase is found in literally any design and style. Over the years, different wood designs have been put in place.


Industrial bookcases mimic the feel of factory equipment. They add a cozy feeling to your home.