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Easy ways to update your home for spring

It is easy to get bored of your surroundings with all the time spent indoors because of the pandemic. Well, there is a lot of time in our hands and spring is here. This would be a great time to change up our spaces to be more rejuvenating and eye catching. Changing up your space does not have to be limited to just cleaning and disinfecting. Even though the current times dictate we do so, we don’t have to spend a lot of time decluttering and rearranging. Don’t limit yourself to standard chores, keep reading for more tips.

Use LED light bulbs

As you are changing things for spring, consider switching from incandescent bulbs to the more efficient and energy saving LED bulbs. These bulbs not only run for longer than the incandescent bulbs, they also illuminate brighter. This will also be a great way to save on your energy bills.

Try out a gallery wall

Sitting in the same space all day everyday can be tiring and boring. Try sprucing up and re energizing your walls by creating a gallery wall. If you have some photos that you would like to hang, you can order some frames or get some art work to spice up your wall.

Change your dark curtains to sheer panels

Now that the winter has passed and the darker and heavier curtains have kept your house warm during those cold days, it is time for change. Sheer panels are light and will allow some sunshine in for that natural light.

You can also consider this

  • Repaint your rooms
  • Style your surfaces
  • Consider changing the patio too